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Duck-Pads - silicone response for the yo-yo's

Duck-Pads are made by a player and intended for players. The process of making pads is still loyal to the ways of Vikings with a splice of Finnish patience. It's time consuming process which requires much from the crafter. But the final hand punched, clued and packed product is truly a reason to celebrate. "Duck-Pads" is an ongoing project where we try to provide an alternative choice for players. There are countless manufacturers and pads in the world of yo-yoing. Our quest is not to be the biggest nor the best. Just to provide variety and freedom of choice for people.

Quite often pads are given a name which later on is associated to certain pad size. With Duck-Pads this is not the case. The aim here is to provide pads in loads of sizes and thicknesses. "Why is that?" Just because we can. The way of making these pads is simple and there's really nothing to hide. To learn more about the manufacturing process scroll little bit down.

Pricing - 1,00 euro for a pair

I must be honest here, the Duck-Pads aren't good business. "Work--get paid ratio" is rather bad. But rest assured the money is not the only motive here. Prices for the pads are on demand basis. If suddenly workload is too big for one man to handle the price might go up. With normal times such as these retail price for the pair of pads is 1,00 euro. Shops and wholesalers get a discount as usual, currently the wholesale price is 50cents for a pair. Tip is not customary in Finland but Marko will surely accept anything people give him on top of the official price.


We can punch various sizes of yo-yo pads in several thicknesses. The tools are European so they cut only metric sizes. Due to some differences in metric and imperial systems not all pad sizes are 100% correct. Luckily silicone mat can be squeezed to fit in most cases.

Here's our current measurement table for pads. If the pad you're looking for isn't here it still probably can be made we just haven't tried it yet. Please email and ask, I do take custom orders.

Name Inner Diameter Outer Diameter Thickness
Duncan 11mm 22mm 0.5mm
Hspin A&R 2.0 12mm 16mm 0.5mm
K-pad sized 15mm 19mm 1.0mm
CLYW 14mm 21mm 1.5mm or 2.0mm
SPYY (Sky Chaser) 13mm 22mm 0.5mm
YYF Broad 14mm 21mm 0.5mm

Our manufacturing process is following:

Step 1. - We acquire silicone mat. Thicknesses currently are 0.5mm, 1.0mm and 1.5mm. Silicone is transparent. Hardness: 60 +-5 Shore. Density: 1,17g/cm³. Temperature of usage: -55...+235°C. Thicker the silicone the more expensive it is.

Step 2. - Silicone is punched by hand into the pads.. Currently possible diameters (mm) are: 3 - 4 - 6 - 8 - 10, 11 - 12 - 13 - 14 - 15 - 16 - 17 - 18 - 19 - 20 and 21 - 22 - 23 - 24 - 26 - 28 - 30. There are 3 sets of blades. To be able to punch a pad with one hit, blades have to be from different sets. There tends to be more b-grades and variety in quality, if the inner and outer diameters are close together or just by bad luck cannot be punched with one hit. Some sizes therefore are more time consuming and more expensive to produce.

Step 3. - Adding the sticky surface. Adhesive is added to surface of the pads so that they will be attached more firmly to yo-yo's. Currently we use 2 way glue by Kuretake Co., Ltd made in Japan. Our glue is acid free and Xylene free. Glue gives "post-it note" like surface to the pads, this way they can be easily attached. If the glue wears down and pad comes off the pad probably can be re-used. Deeper the groove is for pads and thicker the pad size the better pads will stick. Thiner and smaller pads tend to drop of faster than big ones. Currently the first thing to break with Duck-Pads seems to be the adhesive. At least with thinner pads. We believe you can just add some of your own clue and put them back in for more playtime.

Step 4. - Quality control & packaging. We check quality of the pads by eye. There's a small variance in quality since pads are punched by hand. We pack them origami style and the pads are ready to be used.


B-grades happen and that's life. Some sizes are much more difficult to punch and sometimes crafter is tired and makes mistakes. We collect them and once there's enough put them sale for cheaper prices. Bulk. If your budget is tight you can always ask if there are any b-grades currently.

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